September Awareness 2018 (Week 1)

Frederic Ozanam sketch portrait.

Parish Bulletin Announcement

The St. Vincent de Paul Society helps the people in our parish area with basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter. Our parish conference is part of an international Catholic organization bringing men and women together to grow spiritually by visiting anyone in need. During September, they are making an effort to become more visible, giving witness to one of the best things about our Church. Let’s celebrate as a parish all that they do and continue to support them with our time and resources in this spiritual ministry. Could this be the time when we consider joining them? Supporting them?

Frederic Ozanam

Frederic Ozanam 1813—1853 Beatified Aug. 22, 1997

Frederic Ozanam 1813—1853 Beatified Aug. 22, 1997

On September 9, the Church celebrates the feast of Blessed Frederic Ozanam, the founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. As a college student, Frederic led a small group of his classmates into the poor areas of Paris to do what they could to ad-dress the needs for food and fuel. Sr. Rosalie Rendu taught them how to minister to God’s poor. Working one-to-one with families, they gave witness to non-believers about the vitality of their faith. This model of assistance spread through Europe and arrived in our Archdiocese in 1849. Perhaps known best for its quiet, behind-the-scenes work in most parishes, our Vincentians will be presenting several themes in September to increase awareness of the poor in our midst and how the Society members serve them.

Perhaps this will be the time in our life to consider joining them?

More About St. Vincent de Paul

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