Exploring Solutions to America’s Homelessness Crisis

St. Vincent de Paul USA.

An important announcement from SVdP President John Berry

In a thought-provoking piece, John Berry, President of the National Council of the U.S. Society of St. Vincent de Paul, discusses the effectiveness of homelessness prevention and diversion programs amidst the escalating crisis. Highlighting a Supreme Court case on the criminalization of public camping, Berry argues that neither strict nor lenient laws alone will solve homelessness. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of community-focused prevention measures that address economic challenges and provide temporary financial assistance to those in need. Berry shares compelling stories and data, illustrating how targeted aid not only saves homes but also upholds human dignity. Dive into the full article for an insightful look at proactive strategies that are making a difference.

Click here to read the full article on Real Clear Policy’s website.

SVDP and Homelessness in Fond du Lac County

To see how St. Vincent de Paul is actively fighting the homelessness crisis in the local Fond du Lac community, click here view our article.

Click here to view the Fond du Lac homeless shelter website (St. Katharine Drexel Shelter).