St. Vincent de Paul Celebrates Community!

Today, United for Diversity, a non-profit organization which educates, advocates and celebrates the diversity of cultures, people and area non-profits in Fond du Lac County and beyond; welcomed St. Vincent de Paul-Fond du Lac, which hosted two booths at the 10th annual CELEBRATE commUNITY event. SVDP Council President Robert Hartzheim, Store Manager Linda W. and Volunteer Coordinator, Audrey W., as well as “Getting Ahead” Program Manager, Jack Braun hosted booths and were visited by members of our shared community to learn more about the organization and services we deliver. Linda and Robert participated in the Flag Ceremony, the highlight of the event, and were proud to do so. Council President Robert Hartzheim adds “SVDP is honored, delighted and humbled to participate in this community celebration of unity in our community”. Please enjoy the captioned pictures and check out or this article in the Fond du Lac Reporter,  (FDL Reporter Article-Celebrate Community) for details on how the event was organized and the diverse group of people represented. Enjoy the pictures too!

Flag Ceremony and Hosted Booths:

IMG 0687

“Flag Ceremony and SVDP hosted booths.”

IMG 0690

IMG 0698

IMG 0711

IMG 0712