St.Vincent de Paul Fond du Lac County Brand Identity


St. Vincent de Paul USA logo.
St Vincent de Paul Fond du Lac logo.


St. Vincent de Paul Fond du Lac color swatches.
  1. (Hexidecimal#1ba1dd RGB:27,161,221 CMYK:73,21,0,0) Good highlight color. Used for things like hyperlinks and accented borders.
  2. (Hexidecimal#005cb9 RGB:0,92,185 CMYK:100,62,7,0)Pulled from the SVDP USA site.  This is the primary color. 2b is pulled from the Fond du Lac logo and is to be used minimally.
  3. (Hexidecimal#133049 RGB:19,48,73 CMYK:96,77,46,44)Pulled from the existing site header.  To be used as a darker version of color #2
  4. (Hexidecimal#962f4a RGB:150,47,74 CMYK:31,92,58,20)This is the lighter variation of color #5
  5. (Hexidecimal#7a2438 RGB:122,36,56 CMYK:35,92,64,36)This would be our secondary color.  Use to highlight content.
  6. (Hexidecimal#3a1f26 RGB:58,31,38 CMYK:56,77,60,67)The darker variation of color #5
  7. (Hexidecimal#9c9a9b RGB:156,154,155 CMYK:42,35,34,1)Pulled from the current SVDP FdL logo. This will be used as the lightest neutral.
  8. (Hexidecimal#5b5b5b RGB:91,91,91 CMYK:62,54,53,27)A medium gray. Will be used minimally.
  9. (Hexidecimal#333333 RGB:51,51,51 CMYK:69,63,62,58)Dark gray.  Primary text color on a white background.  This will provide good contrast and readability.


Headland One

Substituted for New Aster SemiBold.

PT Sans

Substituted for Avant Garde.