Getting Ahead

Tired of just getting by?

Want a better future?

Confused about how to get out of poverty?

The Getting Ahead Program aims to end poverty

The 10-module program helps participants move away from poverty and secure a financial stability for themselves and their families.

During the free 10 module program, participants are guided by trained facilitators, mentors, and guest guides to:

  • Examine the conditions that lead to poverty
  • Develop a future plan
  • Connect with people and services that help put their plan in action

The program is offered in fall, spring, and summer.

Help is available for transportation, childcare and more.

"Getting Ahead" program at St. Vincent de Paul.

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Getting Ahead taught me to not be ashamed of where I am, and to be proud of who I am today.  Today, I got ahead of yesterday, and accomplished my dream.  Thank you Getting Ahead Program, for everything

Fond du Lac Graduate

Join Getting Ahead

To register for the program or learn more, please contact us:

Getting Ahead Program Manager
[email protected]

Get Involved in Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead is always in need of volunteers to help.

  • Be a facilitator or mentor
  • Be a guest expert
  • Support with hospitality, meals, and childcare
  • Provide support for books, supplies, and program expenses
  • Refer individuals who would benefit

Training Dates

  • Tuesday June 28th (3:30 pm - 5 pm)
  • Wednesday July 6th (1:30 pm - 3 pm)
  • Monday July 11th (10 am - 11:30 am)

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