Brand Identity

Legal Name: Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Fond du Lac County, Inc.
Address: 330 N. Peters Ave, Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Phone: (920) 322-9505

Current Logos

Other Logos


St. Vincent de Paul Fond du Lac color swatches.
  1. (Hexidecimal#1ba1dd RGB:27,161,221 CMYK:73,21,0,0) Good highlight color. Used for things like hyperlinks and accented borders.
  2. (Hexidecimal#005cb9 RGB:0,92,185 CMYK:100,62,7,0)Pulled from the SVDP USA site.  This is the primary color. 2b is pulled from the Fond du Lac logo and is to be used minimally.
  3. (Hexidecimal#133049 RGB:19,48,73 CMYK:96,77,46,44)Pulled from the existing site header.  To be used as a darker version of color #2
  4. (Hexidecimal#962f4a RGB:150,47,74 CMYK:31,92,58,20)This is the lighter variation of color #5
  5. (Hexidecimal#7a2438 RGB:122,36,56 CMYK:35,92,64,36)This would be our secondary color.  Use to highlight content.
  6. (Hexidecimal#3a1f26 RGB:58,31,38 CMYK:56,77,60,67)The darker variation of color #5
  7. (Hexidecimal#9c9a9b RGB:156,154,155 CMYK:42,35,34,1)Pulled from the current SVDP FdL logo. This will be used as the lightest neutral.
  8. (Hexidecimal#5b5b5b RGB:91,91,91 CMYK:62,54,53,27)A medium gray. Will be used minimally.
  9. (Hexidecimal#333333 RGB:51,51,51 CMYK:69,63,62,58)Dark gray.  Primary text color on a white background.  This will provide good contrast and readability.


Headland One

Substituted for New Aster SemiBold.

PT Sans

Substituted for Avant Garde.