Circles of Success

The Fond du Lac St. Vincent de Paul Council has sponsored the Circle of Success program since late 2015. This program is designed to help adult ex-offenders reintegrate into the community and reduce recidivism. Working in conjunction with Department of Corrections Probation and Parole agents the program’s volunteers work with individuals recently released from prison or jail.

Circle of Success volunteers meet four times monthly with men and women who are trying to transition into the community after incarceration. The recently released “participants” are assigned mentors and also attend group meetings. Guidance is given regarding employment, housing and socialization. Participants are required to attend meetings and follow a set of guidelines. Many times the best advice comes from the participants themselves as they know the best options for who is hiring and where there are places available to live. If a participant follows the guidelines and participates in the group for a period of time St. Vincent de Paul also provides material support that goes beyond the normal assistance that is provided to any St. Vincent de Paul client.

Currently meetings are held in the office area at St. Paul’s Cathedral, 51 W. Division St, Fond du Lac. Meetings are the First and Third Wednesday each month at 4:00 PM and the First and Third Saturday each month at 10:00 AM. Individuals interested becoming a participant may come to a meeting on their own or by referral from a P&P agent or St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) visitor. Individuals interested in becoming a volunteer can call the SVDP help line 920.922.3650 to start the process of becoming involved.