20% OFF Store-Wide on July 3rd!

Vinny Card Calendar: July 2018.

Enjoy 20% Off Store-Wide with your Vinny Card, in addition to the upcoming 50% OFF Sale. Please look in the Action Advertiser for details about tremendous sale!


If you don’t have a Vinny Card, which only costs $5.00 and NEVER expires, please get one before SVDP’s spectacular sales in July.

Please visit our Facebook Page by clicking this link to view pictures of the merchandise prior to sale dates:


We receive many inquires on the prices of merchandise we feature, however we cannot always answer your messages. We apologize for the inconvenience but if you come to check out the merchandise in store we would be happy to let you know!

*Some exclusions apply on Vinny Card Sales. Must present Vinny Card to receive discounted prices.

Thank you for your patronage and as always, ALL proceeds from SVDP Sales stays in the community to help our neighbors in need.

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